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State of Texas - Department of Information Resources
ITSAC: Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract

Contractor: KMQ Enterprises d/b/a Tailwind Associates
DIR Contract Number: DIR-SDD-2340

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The following process is to be used when obtaining a worker using DIR's cooperative contracts for IT Staffing Services:

  1. Customer generates and submits IT Staffing Services Request Form (DOC, 46 KB) (PDF, 63 KB) to DIR for competitive opportunities. Customer may proceed to item 9 below for satisfying non-competitive requirements and shall provide DIR with a copy of "Best Value" justification.
  2. DIR generates an IT Staffing Services Solicitation and assigns the response due date.
  3. DIR makes any necessary modifications to IT Staffing Services Solicitation and advises customer.
  4. DIR distributes the IT Staffing Services Solicitation to KMQ/Tailwind and sends a copy to the customer.
  5. DIR responds to KMQ/Tailwind inquiries/questions regarding the IT Staffing Services Solicitation.
  6. DIR receives KMQ/Tailwind responses and conducts compliance review (position, price, and minimum qualifications).
  7. DIR forwards compliant resumes and response tabulation to customer for review/selection of worker(s).
  8. Customer schedules and conducts interviews of candidates. Customer is expected to select candidate(s) within two (2) weeks of receiving compliant resumes.
  9. Customer identifies the worker and terms:
    • selection of worker(s)
    • negotiation of hourly rate(s) below the NTE rate(s)
    • identification of contract term (start and end dates)
    • any other related terms and conditions that do not weaken DIR awarded contracts
    • Best Value Solicitation Template – (DOC, 103 KB) (optional)
  10. Customer generates a purchase order directly/payable to KMQ/Tailwind (Contract no. DIR-SDD-2340). Customer must reference KMQ/Tailwind Contract Number on purchase order. Reference IT Staffing Services. Purchase orders are effective and binding when accepted by vendor.
  11. Customer provides DIR with a copy of the finalized IT Staffing Services Solicitation response tabulation, including:
    • awarded KMQ/Tailwind/contractor(s) names
    • awarded hourly rate
    • quantity of hours
    • extended price
    • list of candidate(s) interviewed
    • Customer shall also update DIR upon termination of contractor and/or completion of project.
  12. Customer manages worker.
  13. KMQ/Tailwind submits invoices directly to the customer. Invoices are to be issued in compliance with Chapter 2251, Texas Government Code.
  14. Customer makes payment directly to the KMQ/Tailwind. Customers are to comply with Chapter 2251, Texas Government Code, in making payments to KMQ/Tailwind.
  15. KMQ/Tailwind collects and compiles all sales into a single detailed monthly report and provides that report, in the required format, to DIR. The report is submitted electronically to DIR no later than the fifteenth (15th) calendar day after the close of the previous month period.