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Web Solutions

Tailwind Associates has both the range and depth of web expertise to provide world class, end-to-end, enterprise level web solutions. Mission-critical, time sensitive transfer of information is essential in the digital world. Tailwind Associates can help you maximize your IT dollars by incorporating your existing infrastructure into your web strategy.

The Web Solutions division improves the availability and accessibility of our customer's business information, allowing for better and faster business decisions. Together with the customer, our mission is to design, develop, and implement key web solutions that maximize return on investment and increase your competitive advantage. Our strategy is to satisfy immediate customer business needs through the analysis of requirements and appropriate use of the various web technologies to build stable, extensible, and scalable information delivery architectures.

We find out what you have in mind, and also inform you of the possibilities. Our skilled developers transform your design into physical solutions. Our comprehensive knowledge transfer aids in a smooth deployment.

WebSite Creation

Web Site creation provides for basic static and dynamic site development and support, including the setup of e-commerce capabilities where desired.

We are well versed in integrating video and multimedia into your web site in order to make the user experience immersive - beyond a basic web presence.

Application Development

Application development encompasses all Internet/Intranet/Extranet solutions, efficiently moving transactions and processes to a web based architecture.

Backend/Legacy Integration

Backend/Legacy Integration extends the life of existing systems through front-ending applications with a web interface or by providing an integrated information portal to ease the dissemination of information from multiple sources.

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